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Colorado State University Performances

Def Swing (2006)- Choreographer: Jesse Luken

Allegory in Four (2006)- Choreographer: Jane Slusarski Harris

Evolution Eternal (2006)- Choreographer: Jessica Olin

Travel Sick (2006)- Choreographer: Sally Earle

Of Another Place (2007)- Choreographer: Gabriel Masson

Ash Wind (2007)- Choreographer: Chung-Fu Chang

In/Out Part I (2007)- Choreographer: Chung-Fu Chang

Adumbration (2007)- Choreographer: Kim Neal Nofsinger

Lost in Place II (2007)- Choreographer: Katie Elliott

Haiku (2008)- Choreographer: Students of CSU Choreography II Class

Gates (2008)- Choreographer: CSU Tour Dance Company

Rueful Games (2008)- Choreographer: Katie Butler

High Tide [1997] (2008)- Choreographer: Mary Wohl Haan

In/Out Part I (2008)- Choreographer: Chung-Fu Chang

Rapture (2008)- Choreographer: Ariane Pfneisl

Forbidden Freedoms (2008)- Choreographer: Noelle Robinson

Territory (2008)- Choreographer: Jacques Heim, artistic director of

Diavolo Dance Theater

Choubi Coubi' (2009)- Choreographer: Andrew Skeels

Darkness (2009)- Choreographer: Chung-Fu Chang

Inside Out (2009)- Choreographer: Mary Wilson

Other Performances

High Country Cloggers Presents: An Evening of Percussive Dance (2006)- Invited to be a dancer in an African "Gumboots" rhythm piece, choreographed by Gary Larson, and the High Country Cloggers. Performed at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, CO.

Canyon Concert Ballet Presents: The Nutcracker (2007)- Invited by CCB Director to be a part of this performance in the roles of "Soldier Doll" and a "Russian Dancer." Performed at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins

American College Dance Festival at the University of California, Irvine (2008)- Several members of the CSU Tour Dance Company and I were invited by Professor Chung-Fu Chang to perform his work, In/Out, which was retitled Shifting for this festival.

Impact Dance Company Presents: BORDER/Lines (2009)- A professional evening length performance which explored the effects and influences of immigration and diversity in America. Choreographed and artistically directed by Judy Bejarano, performed at Colorado State University.

IX Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporanea Avante Garde 2008- Several members of the CSU Tour Dance Company and I were invited by Chung-Fu Chang to participate in this dance festival. We performed his works Segments, Pebbles from Kaopin River (a world premiere), Ash Wind, & In/Out.

Colorado State University Tour Dance Company Performance Repertoires

*The CSU Tour Dance Company is a pre-professional dance company directed by Chung-Fu Chang. Its repertoire tours many schools in northeastern Colorado each year, performing and lecture-demonstrating to a wide age range of audiences. Company dancers must audition, be able to perform multiple styles, and are awarded scholarship for the academic year of involvement.


*Hawaiian Dance


Distorted Outlook

*Endless Possibilities

*Freedom of Expression

*Flying Papers

*Wonderful Night

*Do Your Thing


*Pebbles from Kaopin River

Chinese Ribbon Solo

*Ash Wind

*Jekyll & Hyde

Solo by Blair Whitley

Sing! Sing! Sing!

*Defying Self


*Gates Section VI: Entry

*Stand Out!

[*feature Rich Lugo]


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