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dance film series




STORMS tells compelling personal stories of struggle and triumph. Dance is the language used to communicate these human experiences beyond words. Each piece works intimately with storytellers and performers to design a unique movement vocabulary that connects authentically with viewers.


photo by Danielle Lohman

We all go through our own personal storms.


Some storms can be very devastating.


Some shake us up enough to want or need to make changes

that we’ve been afraid to make.


Some of us are in storms that last a lifetime.

Discrimination, poverty, trauma, disease, loss, death…


Other storms rage through and leave us no choice but to deal with them;


Expose us completely in the aftermath.


photo by Danielle Lohman

But storms evolve and change.


Storms of grief come and go.

Snow, rain, thunder, lightning…


Each season passes. Everything is a cycle.


We can run for cover, but sooner or later we have to weather our storms,


Become stronger.


photo by Danielle Lohman

Yes, we all go through our own personal storms,

But we do not have to face them alone.

As the founder and artistic director of DANSPIEK, my personal storm began during my formative years when my martial arts instructor— who was also my stepfather— took his own life. This event abruptly changed the course of my life and, as a young person with hearing loss, the need to communicate became that much more essential.


Having begun my movement journey in martial arts as a child, I pivoted to musical theatre and dance as my outlet to help me cope with my grief. Having also formed a strong connection to music and film, I naturally began to explore choreography as my expression of choice.


I formed DANSPIEK because I wanted to further the art of dance as a way to convey our innermost struggles and fears. Creating art has brought much healing to me, and has compelled me to help tell other people’s stories through movement. 

STORMS portrays a world where dance can bring healing, thrive as a storytelling medium, and be interwoven with everyday life. We hope it empowers and provides a sense of catharsis to all participants.

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