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The path for expanding the impact of our mission is paved by serving you, the community.

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S P E A K | D A N C E


Through a unique blend of martial arts, contemporary, modern and jazz styles, DANSPIEK presents an invigorating experience of mind, body and spirit.

The workshop structure includes a meditative warm up, across-the-floor sequences, followed by a progressive, story-driven group choreography piece. Dance artists are guided through movement & composition skills which promote growth and discovery of their own individual expression.



Dress Code: form-fitting black or solid colored dance appropriate attire. All classes are performed barefoot unless otherwise specified.


With every work we produce, our professional DANSPIEK team presents dance as a powerful and credible storytelling medium. We are passionately interested in all styles, showcasing dance in cinematic, theatrical, and experimental contexts. With your final big picture in mind, we are equipped to see your artistic vision through, from its pre-production idea stages to the final end product.


Our full package includes a digital copy of the final product, photography throughout the process, and promoting your work right here on



D A N C E  S P E A K S


DANSPIEK takes dance into the community world by creating comprehensive and thought-provoking presentations designed for schools and organizations.


To raise awareness of dance as a viable method of education, storytelling, and therapy, our customized presentations serve schools, charities, support groups, and everything in between.


Let us know how we can help give your institution a powerful voice through movement.

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