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Gates Section V: Worthiness- Fifth section of Gates, a peice collaboratively choreographed by the CSU Tour Dance Company and director Chung-Fu Chang. A playful comedic work which puts dancers against one another to prove their own worth to enter the gates of heaven. Entire Gates piece was performed in both student and faculty dance concerts.

Unabated Storm- A very abstract senior capstone group piece which focuses on the acquiring and loss of three senses: hearing, vision and touch. Choreographic structure is based on the mechanical structure which dictates how the human brain imprints these senses.

Tug of War- Abstract senior capstone solo which centers on struggling to find your own inner truth, silencing the tendency to vacillate between two disparate paths.

Unfinished Business- Explores the journey of our souls after death based on our actions in physical life. Choreography incorporates modern dance and martial arts combat.

Reclaimed Incentives- An abstract modern dance about restoring a broken spirit with support from others who empathize.

Aesthetically Kinetic- An athletic piece which explores the many possibilities of the transfer and manipulation of energy. The choreographic design is based on the movement of subatomic particles in and around the nucleus of an atom.

Blurs of Contemplation- Dancers portray dark, contemplative figures trying to avoid an impending dawn, finding solace in the night. Light gradually floods the stage exposing them and their truths.

Porta Ut Everto Intus- Title is Latin for "Entrance to the Demons WIthin." A prop-oriented group piece created for a Choreography II assignment. Incorporating a full-sized unhinged door amongst the dancers, this work probes what may happen if one does not confront his or her inner demons. Fully home-made costumes contributed to the overall effect. Was juried from student concert to be reperformed in the faculty dance concert.

Intensity- Fast-paced martial arts combat choreographed in a style reminiscent of The Matrix films. Collaboratively choreographed by all dancers in the piece.

The Glory of Pop- A fun, energetic music video-style hip-hop/jazz piece.

Freedom of Expression- A self-performed solo which displays my passion for martial arts in a dance-like flow of personal expression. Was juried from student concert to be re-performed in the faculty dance concert, and was also a part of the 2007-2008 CSU Tour Dance Company repertoire.

Living Daydream- A high energy hip-hop/jazz fusion which pays tribute to popular dance moves of the disco era, peppered with my own unique choreographic flavor.

Jekyll and& Hyde- A self-performed solo I created for a Choreography I assignment which centered on developing abstract and unique movement to convey a theme or story. It portays the classic story, confronting the idea that everyone has a side that he or she shies away from, and at some point it will reveal itself, unbridled and honest. Was juried from November 2006 student concert to be re-performed in the faculty dance concert, and was also a part of the 2008-2009 CSU Tour Dance Company repertoire.

In the Pursuit Of- A large group of dancers gather around and fight over a radio, trying to find the perfect song that everyone can agree on. Stylistically it is a pop-oriented fusion of many different genres of dance including tango, hip-hop, lyrical, and jazz. The music is primarily pop, with authentic-sounding cuts of faux-commercials and radio static

Photographer: Danielle Lohman


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