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Monday, February 28, 2012


The young man from First Republic who has been assigned to your pending Business Account will be in contact with you no later then tomorrow Tuesday by 3pm. His name is Chris, and he is starting at the new location downtown 6th Ave; which is set for opening later this week and/or early next week; thus, the reason for his delay in getting in contact with you (the opening of that location has no affect on the openign of your business account). Ravi and Chris has been told if they can't made this happen, i need to know early AM on Tuesday (2/29/12) -- early AM means 8AM.

All else will follow the time line sent to you earlier (which i have included below).

Here is a time line that i am working from --

1) All Organizational banking (filing, transfers, new accounts, and set up meetings through May with banker) done by Friday March 2, 2012

2) All legal amends done for Shattered Mediums LLC done by Friday March 09 2012. The publication position of Shattered Mediums LLC will start on and/or a week after the 9th.

3) All accounting and Quick Book applications and implementations started on or before Wednesday April 3, 2012.

4) All subsequent meetings (Marketing, Trademark/Copyright, Fracture's roll out Premiere development, etc.) started before and/or on Friday March 23, 2012.

5) All support staff (lawyers (attorney of filing, IP/copyright, legal representation), accountant, banker, branding and marketing) contact information should complete by Friday March 2, 2012.

Any questions, please don't hesitate in asking.

Now, if this does not work for you, let me know NOW! Otherwise, i will not, and understand me here, i will not tolerate any longer the odious cacophonous dialogue that i have had to listen to and navigate because you have found the process to a tempestuous set of circumstances. It is too exhausting and much to much for me to have to deal with emotionally: i am not in this for hand holding; instead, for an unexplained talent that has blown me away with its pure genius: beyond that, it is extra,

Succinctly, i will state my commitment: i am in this because your talent is simply amazing -- bar none, and the short film is beyond words of my human capacity to express. Because of this, i have decide that i will give a philanthropic seed gift, as well as, to make certain that the premier for the short film has all of the bells and whispers for absolute success. And, this commitment is not based on any return nor expectations.

Again, if there are any fact based concerns, please don't hesitate.


Adrian B.Curtis


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