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DANSPIEK DANCE THEATRE is a fiscally sponsored multi-media dance company which creatively analyzes the human condition. It was formed by choreographer/ artistic director Rich Lugo primarily to couple the performing arts with resources its audience can take action upon to improve many social issues. This company has been created to provide a unique, poignant, and dynamic dance theatre experience to a wide scope of audience members. Through each story-driven work, viewers will be provoked to identify universal human conflicts and search within to discover individual truths.


"DANSPIEK" is a hybrid word which combines “dance” and “speak” in an intriguing and fabricated way to define a new, unique genre of dance.


The mission of DANSPIEK DANCE THEATRE is to incite a desire to look closer at our world through actively providing the resources to do so at each presentation. The company also intends to artistically support charities and foundations which confront national and worldwide social issues. Artistic Director Rich Lugo intends to channel his passions for creating and performing through dance to bring something completely novel, innovative and refreshing to the world of theatre.

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Photographer: Achim Harding

Rich Lugo

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